Hello Mount Bethel Family,

I spoke with pastor McDaniel today to see how he was doing. He is home and the household is quarantined. Jasmine, and Maurice Junior are well, Jerimiah has a bit of a cold but is otherwise not symptomatic. Pastor is dealing with the coughing and other symptoms but is in good spirits. We ask that you keep that household lifted up in prayer and pray for each other every chance you get.

Need to reemphasize that for the near future, onsite activities at Mount Bethel are cancelled. That includes food giveaways and parking lot services. We hope to have a sermon for broadcast Sunday morning that you can enjoy from home.

Our Sunday School and Prayer call will take place as usual each Wednesday Evening at 6pm. The Sunday School lesson will be slightly expanded for the time being. Please join us if you can.

As always, if you have concerns or unmet needs, reach out to your deacon. If you don’t know who your deacon is or can’t reach them, call me at (314) 266-9419. There are no guarantees that we can help but you never know until you ask and we as a church will make every effort to assist our own.

Good day and God Bless each of us!