Hello Mount Bethel Family!

We have a several items to share today:

1. Sunday February 7 we will have Drive by Communion from noon till 12:30pm (or until everyone present by 12:30 has been served)

2. We will be moving from FreeConferenceCall to Microsoft Teams for Sunday Service, Sunday School, Prayer Meeting and Bible Study starting on February 17. You may still join by telephone but the number will be changing.

3. Also starting Wednesday February 17 we will have Bible Study at 6pm.

4. Starting Thursday, February 18 we will have Sunday School and Prayer Meeting at noon.

5. We are holding technology classes to help you take more advantage of devices you own (such as attending Bible Study online or by phone) on Thursdays at 2pm and / or 6pm. Call (314) 328-5793 to reserv a spot.

6. We are including a link to a cellphone friendly "Digital Informer" (https://bit.ly/3qQDsmm) in the Text and email versions of this announcement. If you are not receiving our texts and / or emails and would like to, please provide us with an email address or cellphone number and we will add you to that list as well. If you ONLY want to receive the link to the digital informer via text or email, please let us know that as well.