RESERVATIONS MAY BE REQUESTED FOR CURRENT WEEK ONLY! Please call by Thursday to reserve a spot for the upcoming Sunday! If there are more requests than we can accommodate, you will receive a call with an offer to attend the following Sunday. 

Greetings Church Family,


Just a couple of announcements regarding worship services and how to participate.

Our apologies, but the correct dial-in number for our conference line is 605-472-5501 Access code: 911357#. This line is used for participating in Wednesday’s Bible Study and listening to Sunday services and is for anyone wishing to participate via phone. This is a long distance call! If your phone plan does not include free long distance, you should not call unless you are willing to shoulder that extra cost.


Also, the reservation system is open to reserve a spot for the current week. Please remember that this system is to make reservations only. Any questions or comments should be directed to your assigned deacon or by calling the church directly.

Thank you and God bless.

We encourage every registered voter to participate in the November 3, 2020 General Election!

If you are registered and prefer not to go to the polls on election day, the absentee / mail-in ballot application for this election is now available on the Missouri Secretary of State website ( The last day you can request a Mail-In or Absentee Ballot is October 21. You will also find a lot of other voting related information there.

If you need your ballot envelope notarized, you can contact the church for assistance.

We heard someone say "Your vote is your voice".



As of Today, October 9, 2020 a couple of court rulings have muddied the waters. While we suggest adhering to the rules listed on the Secretary of State website listed above, we want you to know about the rulings:


1. According to this article, a Federal judge has ruled that Missouri Election authorities should count all absentee and mail-in ballots whether they are notarized or not as long as they are received by election day.


2. And This Article says a different court ruled that mail-in ballots could be dropped off at election offices rather than mailed. The requirement that mail-in ballots   can only be returned by mail is lifted by this decision.


Understand that these rulings may be appealed and we again suggest following the original rules laid out on the Secretary of State website if at all possible. Do know however, that the fight to make voting easier is still going on!



Although this video speaks specifically about the August 4th primary in Missouri, most of the information is valid through at least the November General Election.


If you are in need of a Notary, we can help!






Ameren has asked us to help you save money! Through their Grant Program, they have provided us with LED Light Bulbs to give to you. These bulbs use much less power than the old style incandescent bulbs and even use less power than the newer fluorescent bulbs. They also last much longer!


Call the Church to request yours now! We can then make arrangements for when you can pick them up.




Hello all,

Please be advised,

We will NOT have food distribution at Mt. Bethel this third Saturday. If anyone needs food that day we will direct them to Williams Temple, which is 3 blocks from our church. It doesn't make sense to carry the whole load when we have someone doing the exact same thing on the exact same day with more food and more volunteers. Please pass the word. 

 Pastor Maurice McDaniel
Mt. Bethel Missionary Baptist Church
1600 Belt, Saint Louis Missouri, 63112


p.s. all are welcome and encouraged to join us in supporting the Urban League's clean up effort!





We still have 9 or 10 chairs to give away to anyone interested...




Attention Mount Bethel Sunday School attendees! We have received the Faith Pathway booklets for the upcoming quarter. If you need one please contact your deacon. If you don’t know who your deacon is, please call me at 314-266-9419.

We'd like to say thank you to all who join us for our streaming services. Please feel free to share your experience with us and your positive comments or constructive criticism. This will help us do a better job in the future.

Thanks and God Bless!!!

p.s. though you're only able to comment about one service at a time, if you tried multiple services you can submit multiple surveys.


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